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"In Honor of Brother Buffalo" by Tom Lucas -Lakota Creations Lakota Creations Ceremonial Pipes - Welcome to Lakota Creations Art by Hapan and Loud Thunder
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"In Honor of Brother Buffalo" by Tom Lucas

Native American Peace Pipes is somewhat of a generic term used by non Native Americans to describe a wide variety of pipes that are made for different purposes.

The term, Peacepipes, itself, is something that originated after Native Americans made contact with Europeans. The term became more widespread after the Europeans began to march across North America, removing any obstacle, including people that stood in their wide path of destruction.

Non Native Americans noticed that every time an important issue was discussed, or treaties were contemplated, and Indians were present, they always had ceremonial pipes in their possession. The Europeans therefore concluded that they were "peace pipes". The term has "stuck" and today when somebody mentions "peace pipes" most people have a pretty good idea of what they are referring to.

Native Americans, on the other hand, normally refer to the peacepipe with a more accurate description, calling them: Ceremonial Pipes, Sacred Pipes, Canupa, Canupa Wakan, Personal Pipe, the People's Pipe, etc.....

Lakota Creations is a small home-based business that was created about 13 or 14 years ago by Darwin & Christine (Hapan) Wallenburg to offer very high quality, handcrafted, and fully functional ceremonial peace pipes, personal pipes for prayer, and other "top of the line" Native American art to the general public.

Most of the items on this site that you will see available for purchase were made by Darwin and Hapan (Christine) working together. You will also find items made by our son, Loud Thunder. (J.D.)

In addition to the items by Hapan and Loud Thunder, you may find things that we have traded for. You may occasionally find items that were made by other friends and relatives of ours.

Our Family Tradition goes back many years, and we want to do whatever we can to encourage other artists and relatives in our community to keep the ancient tradition alive, of making ceremonial pipes,(as well as other high quality Native American art) for all who want them.

We also have available for purchase some very interesting, informative, and often hard to find Native American Books & Video's, beaded and plain pipebags, and Pipestone jewelry. You can find all of the other items (besides ceremonial and personal pipes) we have available for sale by clicking the All Other Merchandise button.

Currently the categories that we have set up are:

Raw Stone, Pipe Blanks, and Material to make your own Pipes & Crafts
Native American Pipebags, Tobacco Pouches, Etc...
Native American Books
Native American Video's and DVD's
Native American CD's
Different Native American Items that we have traded for over the past few years
Ceremonial Pipe Stems
Misc Native American Crafts

One of the things we've just added due to popular demand is some free "directions" that will be of great assistance to those of you who want to make your own Sacred Pipestone or Catlinite Ceremonial Pipe. You can find those directions by clicking Right Here.

You may want to come back often and check this website out, because there will be new items that will be added to the categories that we have set up on a regular basis.

If you want to see each individual item that we currently have available for purchase, along with the price, you can check out our Complete Catalog button which you can print out for your convenience. You'll find a button for this on the lefthand side of the page.

It is our goal to offer only the highest quality items and the best possible customer service. We want your visits to our site to be enjoyable and entertaining, as well as educational and informative, and if you decide to purchase an item off the site, it is our hope that it will be a pleasant, easy, and very enjoyable experience for you.

We encourage you to check out Our Family Story , where you will be able to find out more about (and see photos of) our family and the people who have made the items that you are interested in.

We love to get to know our customers personally and we would like to hear from you in an email or appreciate it if you take the time to sign our guest book.

If, at any time, while browsing through this site, you have any questions, we'd like to encourage you to either give us a call or shoot us a quick email. You'll find all the information you need to do that on the Contact page. We do our best to answer all emails (and return all calls) on a very timely basis.

Thanks again for your interest in Lakota Creations.

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