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Turkey Wing Fan Native American Gifts - Native American Crafts & Trade Items

This is part of a collection of these types of items that we traded for in the summer of '05.

The bookends are made out of Brazilian Agate and this particular set is a beautiful light purple and a chrystal color. They stand app. 4-3/8" tall and are about 2-3/4" wide each, so when they are placed together they are about 5-1/2" wide. The bookends are app. 2" deep and weigh in at 3 lbs.

The stone used to make these is very attractive after it's cut and polished. It appears to have 1000's of small colorful crystals in.

We believe that these would add a great deal of color and beauty to your bookshelf. They are functional as well as gorgeous.

Shipping for this item is $14.00 to any USA address

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