Native American Pipe Stems

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Peace Pipe Stems Native American Pipe Stems - Native American Pipe Stems

This 20-7/8" long stem is made out of Hardwood Ash. It's a gorgeous stem that we made...and then passed on to a friend of ours who we do some trading with, and let him complete it. He does exquisite quillwork in the same way that it was done 200 years ago. He uses only the smallest and finest quills so that the finished product is always the very highest quality.
In addition to the nearly 4" of quillwork, he added some buffalo fur, ribbon, red flannel, and wild turkey feathers to the stem.

It is sized to fit into a pipe bowl that has been drilled with a 1/2" bit. If your pipe bowl has been drilled with a smaller size bit, this stem can be adjusted to fit it. The stem has excellent draw and will smoke great with your pipe bowl.

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