Native American Pipe Stems

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Peace Pipe Stems Native American Pipe Stems - Native American Pipe Stems
24" Diamond Shaped 4-Winds Ash Stem

This is a 24" long hardwood diamond shaped stem. I believe this is made out of oak...but I'm not 100% sure. My dad had a bunch of hard wood that he gave to me to use for stems....and I'm not certain what each type is.

Diamond shaped stems like this one were popular in the late 1800's. It is well documented that one of Sitting Bulls pipes had an ash stem in the diamond shape like this one. (minus the 4 rings)

The stem is decorated with 4 rings near the end that will go into the pipe bowl. The part that goes into the pipe bowl is slightly flared to insure a tight fit into most pipes. It has been specifically fit to a pipe bowl that has a 1/2" hole in it, but it will fit bowls that are drilled with a slightly larger bit. This stem could also be refit by us at no charge for a pipe that has a smaller drilled hole than 1/2". The stem has excellent draw and will smoke great.

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