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Turtle Rattle Native American Gifts - More Misc Trade Items!

This is a limited edition signed print (on canvas)of the painting we feature on our home page at This one is #11 of 200.
The artist who did this print is Tom Lucas. We acquired this last winter from a gentleman in Arizona. This framed print was selling new for $450.00 in 2000 when we purchased #09. This particular print looks like it may have suffered a little bit of stress from the AZ heat and dryness. It has some very small lines throughout the print that you can see when you're very close up to it. If you pull back 5 feet or so, you will not notice them. We are going to give the buyer their choice of this slightly damaged framed print for $250.00 or if you prefer one without any damage at all, we will sell you the one that we used for the website for $500.00 It is also nicely framed and is in perfect shape. If you prefer that one, just email or call us and we'll send you some nice pictures.

This painting (and the frame) measures app 24-1/2" x 20-1/2". The frame on this painting was made in Italy by Larson Juhl.

Just a note on shipping. Our software only allows us to charge separately for each individual item ordered. If you are ordering multiple items, the shipping charge may seem high when you check out. Be assured that we DO combine shipping when customers order multiple items and you will be issued a refund, to the card you use to make your purchase. If you would like an accurate shipping quote before placing your order, you can contact us prior to placing it. You can also call us at (605)413-9954 and place your order over the phone. If it's done this way, you will get charged the correct amount at the time of purchase.

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