Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone
or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

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catlinite Make A Native American Ceremonial Pipe - Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

This is a new type of stone that we recently acquired and it's wonderful to work with! As you can see it also has some interesting color to it. This piece is very large and measures app. 9" long and it is app 3" tall. The stone is 2-1/4" thick. This is a type of stone where the finished product will have some unusual green and reddish color to it.

This type of stone has been carved into pipes and other items by Native Americans for literally 1000's of years. It seems to hold up well to heat as well. This stone will carve the best using a farrier's rasp and/or other wood carving files.

This type of stone will be very nice to work with. We have worked it and made several pipes out of this same slab and it's an ideal piece. The pipes turned out very nice! The stone isn't super soft like some type of soap stones and it's not too hard either. It's very enjoyable to work with!

If you have a specific size piece of this type of colored material in mind and you don't see something that will work on this page, you can also Contact Us and we will gladly see if we have something on hand that will work for you. We might be able to cut a piece to your exact specs as well.

Shipping for this item to anywhere in the continental U.S. is $17.00

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