Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone
or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

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catlinite Make A Native American Ceremonial Pipe - Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

Here we have another decent sized piece of catlinite or red pipestone.

It measures app 6" x 4" and the thickness varies slightly from 1" to 1-1/4".
This piece of stone is from a private quarry about 10 or 11 miles from the Pipestone National Monument. There are no restrictions on how this stone is quarried, so heavy machinery is generally used to remove much of the top dirt layer and any Sioux quartzite that is over the softer layer of stone. This eliminates much of the labor cost, so the stone is generally quite a bit cheaper than the stone from the National Monument Quarries.

This type of stone, in our opinion, is harder to carve than the red Sacred Pipestone from the National Monument Quarries. You may find that your files will dull faster as well as your saw blades. It's also somewhat harder to drill. The upside to this stone is that it turns an exceptionally dark red after it is waxed. It sometimes almost appears a purplish color because it is so red. This type of stone is said by some to have been carved into pipes by Native Americans for 100's of years. It will hold up to intense heat.

This stone is being used by many carvers around the world. We have met and talked to carvers who are happy with the quality of it, and we have also met people who have been disappointed with the carveability of it. These are usually people who have also had the opportunity to work on stone from the National Monument quarries and find it more "user friendly".

It's a trade-off because that stone is also quite a bit more expensive. The stone can be cut with a regular hacksaw and worked with a furrier's rasp or other wood files, although in our opinion it is more labor intensive than it's counterpart from the National Monument.

If you are interested in this piece of stone and have any questions about it, please email us or give us a call. If you have a specific size piece of this type of catlinite in mind you can also Contact Us and we will gladly see if we have something on hand that will work for you.

Shipping for this item to anywhere in the continental U.S. is $9.00 and if you purchase more than one piece of stone from us, the price of shipping would be $17.00, as long as all of the items can fit in one of the USPS flat rate boxes.

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