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We are now offering 1 new CD (along with the 2 that were previously on here. (available individually or as a set) of great Native American flute music by George 'Spotted Horse' Leduc. Each CD is personally signed by George 'Spotted Horse' Leduc.

This is what George and others have said about his music:

"My music is from my heart and in my soul. I don't make the sounds in the flute. I give breath to the music [with]in the flute," George says.

"The man on stage captivates with the music coming from a wooden flute. Nothing moves but his fingers and head. He, too, is entranced."

"George Leduc's flute melodies were created and inspired by world events that shape our lives today. If you stop to chat with George, he will take the time to explain where his inspiration came from for each song. The soon released Spotted Horse Album is another spirit filled musical journey with all the wonderous mystical sounds of nature and the flute, skillfully crafted by the talents of George Leduc"

The Spotted Horse CD consists of these songs:

Wanunyanpe (Offerings) 6:56

Kespu'kwith 8:26

tokei ikce wicasa hecel ecunpi (In the Manner of the Old Timers)
with special guest appearance by Lynne Waters. 8:13

Zuni Sunrise 2:41

Spotted Horse 7:24

The Full Circle CD has the following songs on it:

Full Circle (Return to the People) 3:32

Amazing Grace 2:57

Grandfather Sand Hill 2:37

Where Eagles Soar 2:00

WA-O-KI-YE (One who helps) 2:22

Redheaded Woodpecker 2:08

Reunion at 'Mohawk Trail' 2:10

Charlotte 3:15

Trail Where We Cried (Trail of Tears) 3:32

Sunset Lullaby 2:33

The new CD: Two Worlds has 6 new songs on it.

Wind Dancer 8:10

Two Worlds 3:53

Pray for a vision 4:42

Kinaalda: Dance of Womanhood 4:12

Distant Sounds 5:02

Oldways 6:00

George Leduc is a traditional story teller, performer and recording artist who is currently residing in Reinbeck, Iowa. He is an enrolled member of the Kespu'kwith Metis Council of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and First Nation-Mi'kmaq (Micmac). Born in the area of Woonsocket, Rhode Island he completed high school and was inducted into the United States Air Force with participation in many military activities. Upon completion of an eight year tour he continued his religious search of what was important in this life. His travels would lead him to such locations as Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico, and other countries to seek out religious inner peace.

In 1999 George continued his religious studies at Missouri State University and with no inner sense of peace would seek other scholarly establishments to include the University of Iowa, University of Louisiana (Lafayette,) and would receive his degree, in History, at the Western Oregon University, in Monmouth, Oregon in December of 2002.

It wasn't until a chance encounter with Native American Artist/Flutist Charles Littleleaf that would lead George back to his Native past and finally to the completion of his Full Circle. The Flute was the tool that the Great Spirit would use to bring George back toward his people. He continues to meet other accomplished artists with his membership in the International Native American Flute Association (INAFA).

Today George is better known by the name gifted him by a Cherokee Elder, after his vision quest, Spotted Horse.

George can be seen playing from Oregon to Florida, from Wisconsin to Louisiana. It is his gift that he shares with all who open their hearts. As a performer Spotted Horse has completed two albums "FULL CIRCLE " and "SPOTTED HORSE " both being released nationally as well as internationally. The most recent, "SPOTTED HORSE " will be entered into the 2007 Native American Music Awards (NAMMYs). At present George Spotted Horse can be seen performing or demonstrating at numerous Native shows, Powwows, schools and Sundances with additional spots in newspapers and on TV within the local community, as well as his recent broadcast with Albert Cata on National Radio/Native American Radio Live in Santa FE Public Radio KSFR 890.7 FM.

George is married with two children and describes his lifestyle, "...we live a simple life with a close connection to friends, family, neighbors, nature, and our culture that has inspired me to pursue my dreams. We hope that this simplicity is felt within the vibrations of the sacred flute...."

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