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In The Beginning (Ojibewa Stories)

This CD is called, "In The Beginning" and consists of 12 Ojibewa stories.

Adults will find the CD entertaining but the CD is really geared toward children. In my view most 3 to 10 year old kids will find it entertaining and will enjoy listening to the stories over and over. At some point in the future, the producers are contemplating adding animation to it so that it will be even more appealing to children.

There is soothing flute and drum music playing in the background throughout the CD.

The stories included on the cd are as follows:

Creation of Turtle Island
Sky Woman
Fisher Brings Back Day
Creation of Apostle Islands
Voice in the Wilderness
Gift of Tobacco
Smart Pills
Maple Syrup
Birch Tree
Leader of the Dogs
Spring Defeats Winter

These old stories mostly of the Onishanabee (Ojbewa)have been handed down by the Elders for many generations. They usually were told at night near the campfire to the children. Many of the stories were only told in the winter so as not to upset the spirits who were supposed to be sleeping. A non-profit organization in Pipestone, MN had these stories put together to try to preserve them for all time. Most of the stories will have a moral value. i.e. Be honest, brave, and humble, and if the stories don't have that, they will be stories telling how something came to be.

If this CD interests you or if it is something you might want to purchase and have any questions about it, you can simply Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it.

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