Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone
or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

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catlinite Make A Native American Ceremonial Pipe - Want to Make Your Own Catlinite/Pipestone or Steatite Ceremonial Peace Pipe?

Here we have another piece of multi-colored alabaster. You will see some beautiful colors in this stone, when you've completed your project and put a thin coat of mineral oil on it.
This piece measures app 11" x 4" and is 1-3/4" thick.

You will find this alabaster is very easy to carve. It is softer than any of the other types of stone we are currently selling on our website. Having soft stone like this, generally is nice when it comes to carving, but we have learned from experience that this type of stone does not stand up as well under intense heat, as the other types of stone. A piece of stone like this, if made into a ceremonial pipe, will likely not survive 100's of years like steatite or catlinite ones can.
We don't recommend this type of stone for someone who needs a pipe that will be smoked on a regular basis, because it doesn't stand up as well as the red or black. We tell people that if they make or purchase a pipe out of this type of stone, they should only use it on very special occasions.

This type of stone carves best using regular wood files and regular hacksaw blades in our opinion. It will also cut OK using a bandsaw and a sharp wood blade. It can almost be too soft to do any real fine detail work with a knife, (like the horns on a buffalo for instance) because the potential is there for very small or delicate carvings to break off in the process of carving.

If you decide to purchase one of our pieces of stone we want to see you follow through and complete your pipe or carving. We make ourselves available to answer any questions that might come up while your working on it. We can often provide little helpful hints if you run into a "snag" of any kind.

If you have a specific size piece of this type of stone in mind you can also Contact Us and we will gladly see if we have something on hand, or something we can cut, that will work for you.

Shipping for this item to anywhere in the continental U.S. is $17.00 and if you purchase more than one piece of stone from us, the price of shipping remains the same, as long as all of the items can fit in one of the USPS flat rate boxes.

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