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the Medicine People
This is a new unopened video (or DVD) called "the Medicine People".

On the front of the video it has a picture of a Bald Eagle Feather and says "The Medicine people, They Who Walk in Two Worlds"

On the back it shows a picture of several inipi or sweat lodge frames and the Sundance grounds located in Pipestone, Minnesota. (where part of this video was filmed) and it says "The Medicine People" video delves deep into the Native American Spirit world. It features exclusive interviews with powerful medicine people and sacred spiritual places that have never been filmed before and are likely to not be filmed again. From the preparing of the Sacred Sweat Lodge to a tour of the actual location of the annual Sundance Ceremony, this video offers a rare insight into Native American sacred belief and how they relate to the spirit world."
Still quoting... "This video was filmed on location at Madeline Island on Lake Superior, the place where the Creator, Gitchi manitou first granted the medicine people, the power to walk in both worlds...the spirit world and the world of man"

The video is a very interesting and informative, and the new owner is sure to be happy with it. It will be a great help and very informative if you are trying to find out a little bit "more" about parts of Native American Spirituality. It would be very helpful to the person who does not have access to a Native American Spiritual Leader or Medicine Man to instruct them. This video will at least help you "get off on the right foot". For the person who is trying to understand what might be going on in the head of their Native American neighbor, who they might see coming home with bags of sage, wild tobacco, flat cedar, sweetgrass, etc.... this may also be helpful and informative. It will help explain what some of them items can be used for.

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The Medicine People DVD
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