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the Storytellers
This is a new unopened video (or DVD) called "the Storyteller's".

On the front of the video it has a picture of a Native American in full regalia and it says "There was no written version of Native American history, only the spoken words of elders... the storytellers of the tribes."

On the back it shows a picture of the same person as is on the front of the video, except he is in different regalia and is standing by himself in the Smoky Mountains...... and it says "Native Americans saw the history of their land differently than the White Man. Filmed on location in the Great Smoky Mountains, this video gives a revealing historic overview of the Southeast, Woodland, Northeast Woodland and the Plains Indian tribes... as they remembered it."

"The Early European settlers brought many new things to this land called America. They brought horses and guns. They brought mumps, measles, and small pox that destroyed entire Indian nations. They even taught the Indians how to scalp their enemies."

Still quoting... "The Indians in return, taught the Europeans the principles of democracy. The benefits of aspirin. How to make pocorn, glue and other useful items. And, how to preserve the wonderful natural environment that the Creator had given to all people".

This video is a very interesting and informative, and the eventual owner is sure to be happy with it. It would be a great help and very informative if you are a teacher and would like to protray an accurate view of American History.

If you, like most of Americans, grew up being taught in the public school system in the United States, this is a view that you more than likely did not hear, unless if you grew up in the heart of Indian country. Even if that is the case, chances are unless you grew up in an Indian school with Indian teachers, you didn't hear this version of history.

One of the first lines in the video kind of sums it up. That line is: "In 1492 Columbus discovered he was lost and somehow he managed to find his way over here." That is not exactly the way we were taught it growing up.

This video has many legends and stories in it including how and why the plants came to the aid of the people to help them cure sickness and illness. It tells the real version of "The First Thanksgiving". It goes into some depth about how the United States formed their government after getting these great ideas from the Natives of America. It talks about how several well-known tribes came to be what they are called today. It tells how the plains Indians came to acquire the "Sacred Dog" or the horse as we know it today and in addition to a host of other information and history, it tells why not a single Native American tribe had a word for "good-bye".

This is a video you're sure to like!

If this video interests you and you have any questions about it, please Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it.
The Storytellers Video
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