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the Pipemakers
This is a new and unopened DVD (new VHS video's are no longer available) called "the Pipemakers".
On the front of the video it says "Award-winning true story of the few remaining Native Americans who create the sacred stone Peace Pipes".

On the back it shows a picture of a pipemaker carving a "bear-pipe"....and it says "They dig through 12 feet of solid rock the old way, with hand tools. They mine the sacred red pipestone, (called Catlinite by the white man). With clean hearts, they carve and fashion the stone into the shapes of bears, eagles and other effigies. They make Peace Pipes for trade just as their ancestors had done for many generations before. They come from many different tribes, but are recognized by none. They are a vanishing breed. They are "the Pipemakers".

"Filmed on location in Pipestone Minnesota, this is the story of a diminishing group of Native Americans and their noble effort to continue the 1200 year old tradition of making pipes".

This video is very interesting and informative, and the eventual owner is sure to be happy with it. It will be a great help if you're new to making pipes, or if you intend to make your own ceremonial pipe. The video shows a very well- known, and one of the best pipemakers alive, Chaska crafting a pipe while telling a couple of stories or legends that have been handed down for centuries by his Native American ancestors.

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The Pipemakers DVD
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