Leather Pipebags & Tobacco Pouches

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Medicine Pouches Native American Pipebags - Leather Pipebags & Tobacco Pouches
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This very large pipebag measures app 30" long and is 7-8 inches wide. As you can see in the picture the fringes vary in length. The longest fringes are app 20" long and the shortest are about 14". That makes the longest part of the bag nearly 50 inches long!

This bas was expertly crafted by a Lakota Sioux off of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in SD. It is made from leather that was brain-tanned in the old way. It has a large amount of quality beadwork on it. The main body of the bag has app a 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" symetrical design on it. In addition to that there's a couple of beaded designs that go up from that main design. It is also beaded all the way up the side of the bag and around the neck of it. The bag has a drawstring closure.

I believe this is the nicest bag we've ever sold on our site and I don't expect it to be available for long. This is one of the items we just traded for on our last business trip.

As long as the stem for your pipe is 30" or less, this bag should work good for you... It'll be big enough for your pipe bowl, the pipe stem, and a few other necessities that you would normally carry with your pipes.

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