Leather Pipebags & Tobacco Pouches

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Medicine Pouches Native American Pipebags - Leather Pipebags & Tobacco Pouches
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This bag measures app. 5 inches long and is 4 inches wide. That is not counting the 3-1/2 inch fringes on the bag, so the total length of the bag would be around 8-1/2" long.

This type of bag could be used as a tobacco pouch or it can be the type of bag that a person could use as a small type of purse. It could also be used to carry small items that are important to you and that you like to have with you at all times.

It has a leather lace running through and around the neck of the bag so it can be easily opened or closed. This lace is about 27-28" long so the bag can easily slip over your head if you want to wear it around your neck.

This is the type of item that would make an excellent gift or could be a nice little beading project. You could bead a design on the bag that would be meaningful to you or the person you intend to gift it too.

This bag is available in natural golden deer skin leather.

If this style of bag interests you and you have any questions about it, please Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it. Shipping for this item is $5.00

4" x 5" Native American Deerskin Bag w/ Fringe

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