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Native American Tobacco Prairie Sage, Native American Tobacco, - Native American Herbs, Medicines, & Botanicals
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This is some of the finest and most aromatic sage available on the market today. It has a wonderful fragrance that is not overwhelming. It is all hand-picked in the traditional way, leaving offerings of tobacco before gathering it.

This type of sage is/can be used for many purposes. It is used in Inipi ceremonies,used for smudging yourself and/or your Sacred items, used in the Sundance ceremony for many things including covering/cleansing the wounds. This sage is used in nearly every Native American ceremony. It can be used to "settle down" the spirits in a place where there is more activity than what you are comfortable with. It is also used as a "plug" in Sacred Pipes when they are not in use. (This is the type of sage you see in our pipe bowls that are available for purchase on the website) Many Native Americans use this sage every day to smudge and get the day started off right.

It is available in 1/2 LB bundles and 1 LB bundles.

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