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This new book is called Pipes on the Plains.

It is a very interesting and informative book. It has sections on The use and Function of Pipes, Smoking Materials, Smoking Accessories, Smoking in the Plains Indian Culture, Legends of the Pipe, including the Legends of: The Arapaho Creation Story, The Dakota Buffalo Maiden Story, and the Blackfoot Medicine Pipe Story.

Other Sections include: Stone Quarrying and Pipemaking. These 2 sections include both primitave ways and modern ways that quarrying and pipemaking are done. The photographs in this section include photographs of both my wifes grandfather and my wifes Uncle, and my mentor (Little Feather) both of whom are now deceased. (She would be happy to sign a copy for the purchaser if they request it, making reference to her Grandfather and/or Uncle)

This is a small book but is packed with information and photographs and the the new owner is sure to be pleased with their purchase.

If this book interests you and you have any questions about it, please Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it.
Pipes on the Plains

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