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This is a great little book by Jim Tree that has been a long time coming! It's a 1st Edition SIGNED copy. 

The book is called:  The Way of The Sacred Pipe
The care and use of the Native American Sacred Pipe. 
Uncommon Assistance For an Uncommon Time.

It's a 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" 108 page book that covers all aspects of the care and use of the Native American Sacred Pipe. This is a book that will answer many of the questions that people have who are not familiar with how to care for and pray with their new ceremonial pipe.

The table of contents gives a brief description of what is covered in the book. It is as follows.



Chapter 1: Pipe Basics
The Power of the Pipe
About Valerie

Chapter 2: The Native Mind
What is the Native Mind
What is the Pipe
Where did the Pipe come from
Legends of the Pipe
The Age of the Pipe
Female and Male Pipes

Chapter 3: The Way of the Pipe
Unity in Diversity
Personal and Ceremonial Pipes

Chapter 4: The Parts of the Pipe
Purpose of the Pipe
Care of the Pipe

Chapter 6: How to Use the Pipe
General Protocols Concerning Ceremony & Elders
Gifts and Honors
Tobacco or Prayer Ties
Awakening a Pipe
Filling and Passing the Pipe
Cleaning the Pipe

Chapter 7: The Personal Pipe
Is the pipe for You?
How do you get a Pipe?
Pipe Accessories

Chapter 8: The Ineffective Pipe
Letting go of the Pipe

Concluding note

About the Author

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The Way of the Sacred pipe by
Jim Tree

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