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The Wisconsin Archeologist
The Aboriginal Pipes of Wisconsin
By the Wisconsin Archeological Society, Milwaukee, Wis. Edited by Charles E. Brown

This book was prepared by the author at the request of the Wisconsin Archeological Society. The book is based on a quarterly bulletin that was printed in 1905 by the Wisconsin Archeological Society. The book was based on Vol. 4, April to August of 1905, No.'s 3 and 4. This copy is the 2nd printing that was done in 1992.

The book is over 170 pages long and is packed with information, photo's, and 222 illustrations. You'll get a good idea of some of the topics that the book covers just by reading the Table of Contents. That consists of:

Indian Tribes
Early Explorers
Indian Wars
Aboriginal Trade
Indian tobacco
Tomahawk Pipes
Other Metallic Pipes
Clay and Pottery Trade Pipes
Pottery Pipes
Siouan Pipes
Micmac Pipes
Portrait Pipes
Effigy and Emblematic Pipes
Bridegroom or Double-Stemmed Pipes
Platform or Monitor Pipes
Handled Pipes
Disk Pipes
High-Bowled Pipes
Pot-Shaped Pipes
Vase-Shaped Pipes
Square-Bowled Pipes
Ovoid pipes
Lens-Shaped Pipes
Keel-Shaped Pipes
Double Conodial Pipes
Pebble Pipes
Tube Pipes

There are 17 lithographic plates in the book and they are:

Plate I: Map of Wisconsin Indian Hunting Grounds
Plate II: Pottery Pipes
Plate III: Siouan Calumet Pipes
Plate IV: Diminutive Siouan Pipes
Plate V: Unperforated Micmac Pipes, Wedge-shaped Base
Plate VI: Unperforated Micmac pipes, Rounded Base
Plate VII: Terraced-base Micmac Pipes
Plate VIII: Stemmed Micmac Pipes
Plate IX: Stemmed Micmac Pipes
Plate X: Perforated-base Micmac Pipes
Plate XI: Interesting Forms of Micmac Pipes
Plate XII: Conodial Tube Pipes
Plate XIII: Conodial Tube Pipes
Plate XIV: Arrow-shaft Finishers
Plate XV: Peculiar Tube Pipes
Plate XVI: Cliff Dwellers' Tube Pipes
Plate XVII: California Tube Pipes

In addition to the plates there are over 200 illustrations, most all of which are of some type of pipe.

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The Aboriginal Pipes of Wisconsin

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