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This book is a brand new, and very interesting 1st Edition book, published in 2001, that is a compilation, put together by author, Lar Hothem, of 13 actual Old- Time catalogs ranging in the time period from 1887 to 1958. The name of the book is "Indian Relics from the Catalogs of Old-Time Dealers". The book has been personally signed by Mr. Hothem.

The catalogs are from some well-known dealers in their time including Brown, Daniel, & Grutzmacher. There are also some lesser known dealers represented in the catalogs in the book. The author notes that most of the dealers were also collector's and dealt only with authentic ancient pieces, while some of these dealers sold fakes. Some of the dealers sold first-rate and museum quality goods, while others sold inexpensive and common artifacts.

To the present day collector, a book like this offers the chance to learn something about the present by studying some of the history associated with this field. A book like this shows us that already over 100 years ago there was already a growing number of people collecting and dealing in authentic Native American Artifacts.

In each chapter of the book, a catalog from an individual dealer/collector is represented. Mr. Hothem starts by explaining some pertinent information about the catalog. There are many interesting notes that pertain to some of the dealers. One of them reads like this: "Moorehead also had a fine steatite Great Pipe, which had been found ca. 1851 in a Tennessee mound. He stressed that this pipe was not for sale, and that he had refused the impressive sum of $45.00 for it." He goes on to say, "I have many smaller pipes for sale at various prices, and will be glad to send drawings and prices to anyone wishing to buy."

Mr. Hothem then has a category in each chapter that is labeled, "From the Catalog" which often includes personal notes from the dealers to their potential customers. The cost of shipping is often addressed and dealers talk about how they became involved with, or their fascination with their trade. They talk about how/where they acquired many of the artifacts for sale, etc.

Here are just a few of the 1000's of things represented in the catalogs. I will try to provide a good cross-section of some of the artifacts.

Slate Tube Pipe, four inches long, well drilled. $5.00

Oregon obsidian points, fine. $1.00

Solidly beaded miniature papoose cradle, Comanche, Cache Creek, Oklahoma. $10.00

Tanned skin Quiver, fringed and beaded, with bow and arrows, Sioux, Cannon Ball River, North Dakota. $32.00

Stone war-club, rawhide socket and handle, Sioux, near White River, South Dakota. $6.00

War Bonnet, eagle feathers, beaded head band, eagle feather streamer, Sioux, White River, South Dakota. $150.00

Eagle Feather Fan, solidly beaded, skin handle, Kiowa, Washita River, Oklahoma. $25.00

Red pipestone pipe, wooden stem, Sioux, Sioux River, South Dakota. $9.50

Youth's tanned skin moccasins, beaded in colored designs, Sioux, White River, South Dakota. $4.50

Black Stone Pipe, wooden stem, Sioux, South Dakota. $3.75

Arrows, beveled to the right (extremely rare) $0.50 to 1.00

Old Beaded Pipe Bag, 7-1/2 x 22 inches. $12.00

War Bonnet, dark eagle feathers, beaded front. $10.00

Sioux scalp lock ornament, 11 inch bead strip, quill and feather fringe. $3.75

Potawatomie Chief Waumego's beads, modern cloth shirt with his old bead strips attached across shoulders and down front. His photo wearing them included. $15.00

In summary, you can open up to any page in this 177 page book and find interesting things like the ones noted. I think it is safe to assume that some of the artifacts that are actually real, that you see for sale occasionally today, were the very artifacts listed in some of these dealers catalogs.

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