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This book is titled Prehistoric Pipes
'A Study of the Reeve Village Site, Lake County, Ohio'. The book was written by Richard Mather Ahlstrom with assistance by The Lake County Chapter of The Archaeological Society of Ohio.

It's an outstanding 145 page book. I am not sure what you would call the "binding" on this book because it's not softcover and it's not hardcover. It's something inbetween. The book is brand new. (even though it was written in 1979)It has been safely stored since the time we purchased a number of this title.

The book measures about 8-1/2" by 5-1/2" and is broken down into 5 chapters:

Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: the Reeve Site, Lake County, Ohio
Chapter III: the Survey
Chapter IV: The Pipes
Chapter V: Conclusion

Following the Conclusion, there is also an extensive index.

The book talks about the author's fascination with pipes and how they are more special than any other types of artifacts. He talks about many things including the type/s of tobacco that might have been smoked in these pipes, how the pipes were excavated, by whom, the type of stone used for the pipes, etc.....

There are 184 black and white photographs in the book of the artifacts along with an explanation of everything about each pipe, including color/type of stone, if there are any inscriptions, If the pipe was finished or just a fragment, tells who found the artifact, gives the measurements for the pipe in millimeters, etc... (height, width, size of the drilled hole, etc...)

There are also 25 Illustrations in the book. The illustrations are labeled:

Plate I: Multiple Stem Pipe
Plate II: Keel-Shaped Pipe
Plate III: Trapezoidal Pipe
Plate IV: Brachiopod Pipe
Plate V: Vase-Shaped Pipe
Plate VI: Human Effigy Pipe
Plate VII: Bird Effigy Pipe
Plate VIII: Stone Elbow Pipes
Plate IX: Clay Elbow Pipes
Plate X: Clay Elbow Pipes
Plate XI: Ovoid Pipes
Plate XII: Vase-Shaped Pipes
Plate XIII: Vase-Shaped Pipes
Plate XIV: Bird Effigies
Plate XV: Bird Effigies
Plate XVI: Other Effigy Pipes
Plate XVII: Trapezoidal Pipes
Plate XVIII: Keel-Shaped Pipes
Plate XIX: Other Types of Pipes
Plate XX: Fragments of Pipes
Plate XXI: Trade Pipes
Plate XXII: Bird Effigy Pipe
Plate XXIII: Bird Effigy Pipe
Plate XXIV: Map of the Reeve Site
Plate XXV: Bird Effigy Pipe

There are 2 Appendix's in the book and the first is simply titled: Tobacco and the author speculates about what the people at the Reeve's site probably smoked in their pipe. He talks about different mixtures of tobacco, etc.....

Apendix B is called "The Worden Pipes" and starts out like this:

"In the 1870's two brothers, James and Joseph Worden, dug intermittently upon the Reeve Village Site and other sites in the Lake county area".
"These gentlemen assisted Colonel Charles Whittlesey in his brief description of the Reeve Site. They presented him with a map circa 1877, and commented that they could remember when there was a double embankment surrounding the Site. It consisted of two crests about a rod apart, with a ditch between about two and a half feet deep. Their collection is presently owned by the Western Reserve Historical Society. The artifacts they collected were made available to the project team for study. Unfortunately, the notes concerning these artifacts, if any existed, could not be found."
"Because there was no proof that all of the Worden pipes were Reeve Site related, they have been excluded from the main body of this book and our analysis. However, since many of them were found either at the Reeve Site or other Lake county sites, they are presented her for comparison."

13 of these pipes are then presented with photo's and brief descriptions.

This book is informative, interesting, and I find it somewhat fascinating or intriguing. If this book interests you and you have any questions about it, please Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it.
Prehistoric Pipes

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