22-3/8" Ceremonial Eagle Claw Pipe

Eagle Claw Pipe Eagle Claw Pipe - 22-3/8" Ceremonial Eagle Claw Pipe

The pipe bowl measures 5-1/4" long and is 2-1/4" tall. The claws or talons on the pipe are very intricately carved in a "relief" style. This really adds to the beauty and the "real" look of this pipe.
The pipe bowl has been signed by "Hapan". The Stem is made out of California Redwood. (There are other stems available on the drop-down menu as well) It is decorated in Sioux fashion with a fancy beadwork design and leather fringes.

The Eagle Claw pipe is representative of the mother eagle protecting the egg. The egg represents the re-creation of life. This is a never-ending cycle.

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