J.D. Helping Quarry Sacred Catlinite

J.D. Helping Quarry Sacred Catlinite -Native American Pipes Ceremonial Pipes, Lakota Creations - The Pipemaker Family Tradition
J.D. Helping Quarry Sacred Catlinite

Pipe-making is very much a dying art. The youth (J.D. & his cousins) in our family and community are unfortunately, not showing the interest in it that we would like to see. Hopefully, as time goes on, that will start to change. If it doesn`t, it will not be too many years, and the art of pipemaking may be a thing of the past.

If you have purchased or decide to purchase a pipe from either us or J.D., you are helping to maintain a family tradition and more importantly helping maintain a culture, by assuring that high quality pipes will continue to be made available for ceremony.

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