Heather, Kala, & J.D.

Heather, Kala, & J.D. -Native American Pipes Ceremonial Pipes, Lakota Creations - The Pipemaker Family Tradition
Heather, Kala, & J.D.

Since that time, our children have grown, with the oldest, Heather, getting married in 2004. Heather and her husband Jayson have been very busy and now have 3 children. Jozilyn (4)Carson (18 mths)and Weston(3 mths) Heather graduated in 2005 from a Jr. College after completing her internship at an elementary school where she worked with young children. They live in a small town near us so we get to see the grandkids a lot. It's not uncommon for Heather and the kids to visit 4 or 5 days a week while Jayson is working.
Our middle child, Kala is working in a bar/restaurant in the Kansas City area. She lives there with her fiancee (Scott), his daugher Issabella, and their new little baby, Jackson. (Our 4th grandchild) We don't get to see Kala quite as often as what we'd like, but she/they come back here whenever they can, and we try to frequently visit them in Kansas City also.

The kids were involved with the pipemaking ever since they were probably 7 years old. We can remember when they were 1 & 2 and would be sleeping or playing in the grass, while myself, Christine, and Little Feather worked on pipes.....so, they have literally grown up with it. When the kids were younger, they would help sand and polish, and the girls also helped with the beadwork occasionally. J.D. (Loud Thunder) is really the only one of our children who has continued to be involved in the business and in making ceremonial pipes.

Our youngest... and only son, JD is a paramedic and works on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. He gets his 40+ hours/week in the matter of just a few days. He lives right here in Jasper when he isn't working, so we get to see him quite frequently also.

Before JD was so busy with his paramedic work, he did make an occasional pipe. He is/was quite good at it and we're hoping that he'll get back into it as time goes by.

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