Ceremonial Horse Pipe w/ Beaded Stem

Pipestone Horse Pipe Pipestone Ceremonial Horse Peace Pipe - Ceremonial Horse Pipe w/ Beaded Stem

The total length of this very attractive Ceremonial Horse Effigy Pipe is 24-3/8" long. It is made out of Sacred Catlinite, which is commonly referred to, by many people, as Pipestone. Catlinite has been used for centuries by Native Americans to make important ceremonial pipes and other items. It is a red stone that is believed to have originated from the blood of Native American ancestors.

The pipe bowl measures 6-1/4" long and it is 3" tall. As you can see on the photo's, special attention was given to the features of the horse. It's ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and main can all be seen in great detail.

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